I’m Ready To Get My Heart Broken Again: The Mets Offseason and Yoenis Cespedes Won’t Speak To Anyone

The New York Mets. The most destructive, problematic, and toxic relationship I’ve ever been a part of. While this offseason has been a shitshow for the sport of baseball in general, it has been quite the interesting offseason for Mets fans as well. We had to watch out crosstown rival sign Gerrit Cole. We had to watch one of our division rivals, the Phillies, sign Zack Wheeler. We fired Mickey Callaway after the season ended, then took our sweet time in finding his replacement. And we all know what happened from there, we hired Carlos Beltran just to part ways with him 77 days later because of a cheating scandal that we weren’t even a part of. Our returning superstar, Yoenis Céspedes, literally got himself injured in a wild boar incident. And of course, the worst news of all, Steve Cohen’s deal you buy the team from the Wilpons fell through.

For other franchises, events like these would be considered unthinkable, bizarre, or devastating. For Mets fans however, it’s just another day in the life. We’ve become so accustomed to the ridiculous nature of this team, and of the way it’s run, that nothing is capable of surprising us anymore. We’re numb to the insane, to the unbelievable, to the terrible, and to the downright strange things that happen to this team. Mets fans have had any and all sense of hope and optimism beaten out of them over the years. It’s almost like we’re more comfortable in the chaos, because we don’t really know how to act when things are going well. When you grow up rooting for this team, at some point misery becomes the status-quo.

Here’s the interesting thing about the upcoming 2020 season though, people expect us to be good.

The few times this happens, Mets fans are forced to make a difficult decision. Do we believe the hype, and get out hopes up only to inevitably be let down. Or, do we reject the hype, and remain miserable and un-fun to be around. This Mets team on paper certainly has the talent to have a successful season. We have the pitching staff. We have the potentially explosive offense. This team is full of both young and veteran talent. But, with Mets rosters you can’t just look at the names on the back of the jersey, you have to consider the name on the front of the jersey as well. Because, when the Mets are involved, something strange is always bound to happen. Such as, one of your star players coming out and deciding he won’t do any interviews or talk to the media all season long because … we’ll we’re not really sure of the reason.

Yes that’s right, while other fanbases around the league are basking in the hopeful glow that Spring Training brings, Mets fans are reading tweets about Céspedes’ plans to go full Marshawn Lynch for the upcoming season. And guess what? I’m fine with it honestly. Yo gave us 2015, if he wants to live on a farm, get attacked by wild boars, and not talk to the media, I say he is allowed to.

Also, as Mets fans we know this isn’t going to be the biggest news to come out of Spring Training, especially after the offseason we just went though. Here’s the thing though; for whatever reason, today is the day I decided I’m ready. Opening day is 37 days away, and against my better judgement, I’m ready. Give me the baseball. Give me the winning streaks. Give me more of the losing streaks. Give me the Alonso home runs. Give me the Degrom pitching outings in which he lets up 1 run and 3 hits and we still manage to lose. Give me the Rosario fielding errors. Give me whatever the fuck Edwin Diaz brings to the team this year. Give me the inevitable strange or devastating injury that will depress the entire fanbase. Give me all of it. LFGM.