Quick Thoughts: Stop Pretending To Be Mad That The Redskins Are Changing Their Name

After years of public debate, discussion, and controversy—Washington’s NFL team will finally have a new name and logo. The team made this announcement on Monday, after completing a “thorough review” that began on July 3rd. Now, I have no fucking idea what that review consisted of, but calling the ten full days that you took in order to decide whether or not you should just simply change your racist name that people have been telling you to change for years now a “thorough review,” is a bold move that I almost respect on some level. It’s almost as bold as using your offensive name and logo in the press release that announced the fact that you’re going to stop using said name and logo.

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 11.23.19 PM

Honestly though, I will never not enjoy someone delusionally patting themselves on the back for completing the simplest of tasks. Because let’s be honest, they’re giving themselves A LOT of credit for their “thorough review,” which probably just consisted of them checking Twitter for a week and half to see what ideas people had for new team names.

I think most rationale people would agree that this change probably should have taken place years ago. And, it seems like the public response to this has been fairly positive so far, even if there has been a somewhat warranted “took you long enough” attitude from a lot of people. That being said though—because this is 2020—there are some people who are against this change and have made their opinions known on various social media platforms. Sure, some of these people may be racist—but I like to think that the vast majority of these assholes are just bored, dumb, or incapable of not sharing some sort of contrarian viewpoint every time an issue is discussed publicly. What I have to say to these people is, stop it. You don’t really care that the Redskins are changing their name, you just have nothing else going on in your life. Do you know how I know this? Because this change couldn’t affect you less, I promise. Even if you’re a fan of the team, it doesn’t fucking matter. Guess what? You can still watch and root for them on Sundays, regardless of what their name is. I root for a team called the Knickerbockers and I don’t even know what the fuck that word means. If they wanted to change it, I’d be like “Sure, whatever. We’re still gonna suck so might as well have some fun designing a new logo.” That is exactly how Redskins fans should feel.

And no, you’re not standing up for tradition or freedom of expression by angrily tweeting your thoughts on why the name shouldn’t be changed. Instead, you’re just being an asshole, while proving to your 64 followers that you have nothing better to do with your time. Sit back, buy a few t-shirts when the new name/logo gets released, and shut the fuck up—you’ll be fine. There is, and always will be, far more important things to care about than the name of your favorite sports team.

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