NFL Championship Sunday Preview and Picks

My record in the playoffs thus far: 4-2-2

Three games left in the 2019-2020 season sounds depressing. It sounds even more depressing when you say “there’s one less game left than the Giants win total for the season.” But there are some good things this year, seeing as two years ago I had to watch two teams I hate score a lot of points in a Super Bowl, and last year I had to watch one team I hate beat the team I was rooting for in a 13-3 game. This year on the other hand, I actually like the four teams left and get to actually enjoy these two games as well as the Super Bowl for the first time in like three years, so that’s nice. It’s the little things. With my sports fandom in the state that it’s in I take wins wherever I can get them.

Disclaimer: This analysis and these picks are not being given by a smart person.

Sunday 3:05PM. Tennessee @ Kansas City(-7.5) O/U 53


The “nobody believes in us” team vs. the “we should have won this game last year” team. I’ll be honest when the Titans were beating the Ravens last year I was basically saying, “fuck it, they’re just going to win the Super Bowl.” We haven’t had a wildcard team even make the Super Bowl since the Packers won it in 2010. And with the Patriots losing in the first round, the Vikings beating the Saints, and one of the best offenses of all time only scoring 12 points at home last week, these playoffs just feel destined to have some weird shit happen like the Titans winning the Super Bowl. With all that being said, the Chiefs are going to win this game. Andy Reid is 1-8 in his career when coaching against the Titans, and 1-5 in conference championship games. Well, both of those depressing records are about to look a little less depressing. At some point Ryan Tannehill is going to have to throw the ball, right? At some point Derrick Henry can’t run for 180+ yards, right? Even if he does though, the Titans strategy of controlling the clock may not work against the Chiefs because we saw last week they can score 100 points in 30 seconds so they don’t need time of possession to win. I’m picking the Chiefs to win and cover.

Pick: Kansas City -7.5

Final Score Prediction: Chiefs 31 Titans 23


Sunday 6:40PM. Green Bay @ San Francisco(-7.5) O/U 46.5


I still don’t know how good the Packers actually are. Seattle was kind of a fraud team all year and for them to beat the Packers last week, Russell Wilson would have essentially had to do it by himself, which he still almost did. That being said, everyone is picking a Chiefs vs. Niners Super Bowl, which makes me nervous that that’s not how this going to work. I’m starting to think either the Titans or the Packers are going to find some weird way to win one of these games. And this game feels like it has more potential to be weird than the other game. I’m honestly not even sure where to go with this pick, 7.5 feels too high because I can see this game coming down to one drive in the 4th quarter. 49ers definitely have the more talented team and I’d rather see them in the Super Bowl than the Packers, so I’m going to pick them to win but I’m fully prepared to be wrong. I do think this going to be a low scoring game though so I’m going to make my official pick the under.

Pick: U 46.5

Final Score Prediction: 49ers 23 Packers 20

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