Giants Offseason Blog No.2- We Hired Jason Garrett For Some Reason

This news broke over the weekend and I’ve already gone through the steps of hating it immediately, trying to talk myself into it, focusing on all the positives of it and ignoring the negatives, and then inevitably back to hating it. Obviously I understand the thought process of finding coordinators with experience to pair with your first time head coach. However, the hiring of Garrett not only feels like the most non-innovative and boring hire we could’ve made, it also feels like an active choice to completely disregard the fans of this team. Now, I’m aware that, including myself, most fans are dumb, overly emotional, and don’t think rationally so perhaps we shouldn’t be listened to. But, it feels like since his reign as GM has begun, Dave Gettleman, and the other decision makers at the head of this franchise, have been completely out of touch with the fan base.

It would be nearly impossible to find one Giants fan who has not talked endless amounts of shit about Garrett over the past decade or so and laughed at his complete ineptitude to win games with talented rosters. But, now he’s one of us. That expressionless fucking face and top-notch clapping skills are coming over to our sideline. So I feel a duty to try to spin this and make myself not hate it as much as I want to.

The first pro here is that at least he’s not the head coach. If that was the case there would be no attempt from me to even try to think positively about this hire. Also, we have seen that there are many coaches in the NFL that are just better suited to be coordinators rather than head coaches. I’m hoping that OC is just where Garrett belongs. Garrett did have success in Dallas as an OC. In his 3 years in that role the team finished in the top 13 in total offensive yards each season.

I touched on this earlier but I do think experience matters, and Garrett is bringing a decades worth of head coaching experience to Joe Judge’s staff. Hopefully he can be an asset to Judge as he navigates his way through his first season as a head coach. Furthermore, in that time as a head coach Garrett does have experience with developing young QBs. I’m hoping Garrett can help elevate Jones to the next level. Daniel Jones is the most important member of our team going forward so building a coaching staff to support him is the right move. (If it works)

Also, I have to be honest, Cowboys fans having to watch the Giants win with Garrett on the staff would be the most satisfying thing of all time. If this hire actually works out it would absolutely break the brain of every Cowboys fan in existence so I’m rooting for it. Rooting for it means I’m choosing to ignore the fact that Garrett hasn’t called plays since 2012, and he was head coach for one of the least creative teams in football over the past few years that consistently underperformed. Let’s stay positive and think about all the Cowboys fans who would lose their minds if this somehow works out for the Giants. And let’s welcome in our new offensive coordinator with a round of applause.

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