Shia LaBeouf Has Apparently Written A Film About The Life of Kevin Abstract

“Best boy band since One Direction”

I read this news today on The Playlist and wanted to share some of my initial thoughts on it because it’s honestly one of the more exciting pieces of movie news I’ve heard in a while. I love BROCKHAMPTON and I love Kevin Abstract. I also think Shia LaBeouf had quietly one of the best years of any actor in 2019. He was outstanding in The Peanut Butter Falcon, but his greatest triumph came in the form of Honey Boy, an incredibly personally film he wrote and starred in. For anyone who doesn’t know the story behind how Honey Boy came to be I would encourage them to check it out because hearing LaBeouf talk about is amazing. Essentially, the script came from Shia’s time in a court-ordered rehab facility during immersive therapy sessions to deal with the PTSD he had as a result of his childhood. What makes the story even more incredible is that LaBeouf plays the part of his own father in the film and does it incredibly well.

Interestingly enough, it seems this new script came from a somewhat similar place. Apparently Abstract and LaBeouf came to know each other better through weekly therapy sessions. I wondered if LaBeouf was going to continue to write films because Honey Boy was obviously a project that was so personal to his own life and own experiences. This new script though points to the fact that he does indeed intend on continuing to create incredibly personal, raw, and emotional works of art. Maybe not just about himself, but about other people in his life instead. The synopsis for the script reads, “Based on the life of rapper Kevin Abstract, this biographical fiction follows a Texas teen as he struggles with identity, finding meaningful relationships, sexual fluidity, and his direction in life.” So, it’s unclear whether or not this film would explore BROCKHAMPTON at all or just the early life of its founding member. Either way, I’m really hoping this film gets made and I’m rooting for both of these men to continue the successful careers that they are having.

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