Giants Offseason Blog No. 3 – What Should We Do In The First Round?

There may be no live sports on television at the moment but at least we have a draft and maybe an NFL season ahead of us. The first round of this year’s virtual NFL draft is set to take place at 8PM EST on April 23rd—and while I’m looking forward to the incredible amounts of comedy that will occur as a result of technologically illiterate GM’s trying to make picks—I’m also very interested, and slightly worried, to see what Dave Gettlemen and company are going to do.

The Giants have the following picks in this year’s draft: Rd. 1 (#4), Rd. 2 (#4), Rd. 3 (#35), Rd. 4 (#4), Rd. 5 (#4), Rd. 6 (#4), Rd. 7 (#4, #24, #33, #41). I’m more than ready for us to find four future HOF’ers in the 7th round, but for now I am going to be focusing on our first pick. We have the #4 pick in the 1st round because we decided to actually win two out of our last three games at the end of last season. I actually don’t have a problem with this because one of those games was Eli’s last home win, and the other was a five touchdown & zero interception performance by Danny Dimes. Fuck the haters, it was (maybe) worth it.

Unfortunately, the number four pick is our only pick in the first round. I say this is unfortunate because it’s hard to address issues at offensive line, safety, cornerback, defensive line, tight end, and wide receiver with only one pick. So for out first round selection, we need to figure out which of those issues is most crucial, and make our pick accordingly.

First let me say, I’m not a college football expert. I don’t really know the differences between the top rated offensive linemen in this year’s draft, and neither do you. However, I do feel qualified to speak on which position the Giants should address in the first round. In my opinion, it is clear that the Giants either need to draft an offensive tackle or an edge rusher with their first overall selection.

An edge rusher is going to be tricky because unfortunately for us, Chase Young is not falling to number four. If we do choose to focus on the defensive side of the ball, it seems that Isaiah Simmons, OLB from Clemson, would be our best choice. He should be available at number four, and his athleticism makes experts think he’ll be capable of chasing down ball carriers, rushing quarterbacks, and covering tight ends at the NFL level. He is an every down player, which would be incredibly beneficial for a Giants defense that needs as much help as they can get right now.

I wouldn’t be upset if the Giants drafted Simmons. Our defense was abysmal last year, so I would understand the urge to focus on that side of the ball. However, I think the Giants should ultimately pick an OT with their first round pick. This is a tackle-heavy draft, with four OT’s projected to go in the first 15 picks. It would be very upsetting if the Giants walked away with none of those four highly rated players. The four tackles I’m speaking of are Louisville’s Mekhi Becton, Georgia’s Andrew Thomas, Alabama’s Jedrick Wills Jr, and Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs. Like I said before, I’m not going to pretend like I know which one of these guys is going to make the best pro. But, I do know that if we plan on building this team around Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, then an offensive tackle is the right choice with this first overall pick.

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